Digital Music Lab

In this ensemble, students create and compose their own digital music. In order to practice manipulating beat, rhythm, pitch and instrumentation in digital platforms, beginning students explore various digital tools for music making, including web and tablet apps. As they grow comfortable making music in digital platforms, students begin to create their own music in digital audio workstations. Students utilize MIDI instruments and live vocal and instrumental recordings to create tracks of their own.


Vocal Ensemble

In this ensemble, students participate in group singing and songwriting. Students develop their vocal technique through the performance of both vocal exercises and choral repertoire. Students explore part singing and harmony, and students develop their ability to listen and respond to other musicians. Students learn to express themselves intentionally and creatively through vocal music.


Violin Explorers

In this ensemble, students become familiar with the violin and learn to play simple violin melodies. Students learn to hold the violin correctly, to identify the parts of the violin, and to take care of their instruments. Students learn to pluck and bow open strings, and students read pitches and rhythms using adapted forms of standard musical notation. Students who develop proficiency playing open strings also learn to play more complex melodies using their first and second fingers. 

Violin Ensemble

Students who complete the Violin Explorers program are invited to join Violin Ensemble. In this ensemble, students play more advanced violin repertoire with increasing attention to accuracy and expressiveness in performance. Students experience solo repertoire and also develop their ability to play in sections.

Students in Violin Explorers and Violin Ensemble are also invited to come to optional Violin Family Practice. During this time, students may come alone or with their parents/guardians to practice what they are learning in Violin Explorers or Violin Ensemble.