Climate Change Rally 9.20.19

We created our own Climate Change Rally to share reasons why we should do more to take care of our earth. Our students and teachers created signs and wrote chants to use their voices to stand up against the current condition of our climate. We held our Climate Change strike in our 2nd floor play space for all students. We let our voices be heard in the community!

Students learned, just like Greta Thunberg, youth environmental activist, that they too can change the environment for the better with their own two hands!

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

The Lorax-Author Dr. Seuss


Welcome to Our New Sensory Gym

On November 5th, 2018 we had our soft launch and staff training for our brand new sensory gym. We were excited to participate in learning about our new sensorygym!  Staff participated in a professional learning session on the purpose, function & materials offered. The connection to our Zones of Regulation from our Advisory program was an amazing touch!  A big shout out to Ms. Choe-Baek and Ms. Tobin, 💛 OT and PT providers for working hard alongside our special education teachers to bring this vision into fruition!

Start with Hello Week (G2 & G3)-October 1st-October 5th, 2018

The Woodside Community School had our first annual Start with Hello week the week of October 1, 2018.  Start With Hello Week serves to raise awareness and generate energy and excitement among young people, the actions of inclusion and kindness. Through acts of kindness we seek to create and sustain effective change and reduce social isolation in classrooms, schools and communities across the country.  Our second and third graders participated and followed 3 steps to Start with Hello. 

Step 1: See Someone Alone
Step 2: Reach Out
Step 3: Start with Hello
Throughout the week, Student Ambassadors greeted their peers in the morning during arrival to welcome them into school with a friendly hello. Classroom teachers presented Powerpoint presentations explaining the Start with Hello initiatives and conducted discussions with students on how they can actively lend a helping hand to their peers. There was a mix and mingle lunch to encourage students to start conversations with their peers and to make new friendships. They also took pictures with their peers with at our selfie station which was a fun time. Students drew messages of kindness to their peers on the outdoor playspace during recess. At the end of the week, students wrote reflection pieces about what the week was about and their learning takeaways.

We hope to continue this initiative for many years to come! Thank you to all the teachers, staff, and parents who lent a hand in making this a successful event for our students!

Click below to scroll through photos!

Award for the Highest Number of Families Participating in NYC Kids Rise!

Today, June 22, 2018, we were awarded with a special plaque honoring our collaboration with NYC Kids Rise!  We currently have the highest rate in District 30 of participation in the program!  We are so happy that our students are saving for college with their 529 savings accounts! 

A big thank you to NYC Kids Rise for all the resources and information.  And one more thank you for Ms.Cacioppo, Parent Coordinator for supporting this initiative with our families!

2nd Grade Earth Day Planting with the NYC Parks Department! 4/26/18

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

-Margaret Mead

Our second grade students worked together with their teachers, Ms. Cacioppo, and the New York City Parks Department to plant around the trees outside of our school.  Students wanted to beautify the Woodside community and also give back.  Not only did they plant, but they also measured the space in order to make sure they would have enough plants.  The NYC Parks Department provided the necessary tools and gave informative talks to students about each step of the planting process. It was hard work to clear the space and prepare it for the beautiful perennial plants!  

A big thank you to Ms. Villacorta who led this event with the Special Programs team and Ms. Cacioppo who worked to communicate with the Parks Department and finalize all the details!  Each student received a pair of sunglasses from the Parks Department and a certificate of appreciation from Ms. Hwang for participating in the event.  Lastly, a shout out the parents who attended and also lent a hand to help with the event!  You are all appreciated!

Take a look at our students at work!

PTA Movie Night! A Viewing of Coco! 3.23.18

On Friday, March 23, 2018, our P.S. 361 Q PTA hosted a fun evening for Movie Night!  All students and their families were invited to a special viewing of the movie Coco.  The auditorium/gym was transformed into a beautiful theater, complete with lots of yummy treats.  There was a fun, photo station to take pictures on the red carpet as you entered the theater.

EVERYONE was impressed and the students were very happy returning to the school for this great evening of fun with their families. 

Thank you to our fabulous P.S. 361 Q PTA and many other volunteers who took their time to plan and to make this a very memorable event for all!  

You are greatly appreciated!  

#ENOUGH National Walk Out Event "17 Ways to Be a Good Citizen"


We had to get creative with our National Walkout Plans for our youngest students. We encouraged our PK-2 students to brainstorm and present 17 Ways to be a Good Citizen at School and held a rally with a podium and very bullhorn to share their ideas! 

We had classroom discussions about how to be a leader, advocate for others, be a friend and how to stay safe in school. Students work together to create posters, used their writing paper choices and made mini scenes showing their thoughts, and chanted and sang songs.

We also did a WalkUp for Parkland throughout the day for students to walk up to someone new and start a conversation.  Small, tangible, yet powerful steps for our students.  A big thank you to P.S. 150Q for this great idea!

“Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs.’
-Stephen Covey

We've Got Lots of Heart at The Woodside Community School! Jumprope for Heart Event!


Ready to Jump!

Ready, all set!

What an AMAZING event for Jumprope for Heart!  Our students are learning about the importance of eating right and exercise.  As a fun activity today, students had the chance to run, JUMP and play in our Jumprope for Heart event!  Our Kindergarten, first and second grade students had a blast with the station activities organized by Mr. Golas, our Physical Education teacher!  


How HIGH can I jump you ask?

Let me show you!



We are also working on our fundraiser to raise funds for the American Heart Association!  Our students are excited to help raise more awareness of the importance of a healthy heart!  Check out the link below for our school and see ways that you can help us with our fundraiser!  A big thank you for all donations so far!  We will continue our fundraiser until Friday, March 9th!

Our P.S. 361 Jump Rope for Heart Page:


P.S. 361 Q Valentine's Day Service Project

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” 
― John Holmes



This week, P.S. 361Q students celebrated Valentine’s Day and Respect for All Week by creating valentines for adults and children at NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens Hospital.

All classes read books that encouraged students to discuss acts of kindness and the ways in which kind actions affect others. After reading, students made valentines for adults and children who are staying at NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens Hospital. Our valentines will be delivered in time for Valentine’s Day!

This activity guided students to recognize how small acts of kindness can affect the people around us. We are learning to spread kindness to the people in our school and community. We encourage you to continue this conversation at home! Ask how you can perform small acts of kindness for your friends, your neighbors, or the members of your family. You might even consider working together to perform an act of kindness for a loved one or for the community.

A special thank you to Ms. R. Schwartz for ensuring the safe delivery of our special valentines!  We sure hope we brought smiles and happiness to everyone who received our valentines which were made with love!


P.S. 361 Q Parent Math Meeting: Go Math and Math Strategies & Title 1 Session



Our Parent Math Workshop was a success!  Our workshop was focused on:

  • Deepening understanding of major clusters, supporting and additional clusters in mathematics according to the CCLS and the focus for each grade

  • Learn Go Math strategies to support students at home with their understanding of math

  • Utilize manipulatives in problem solving

  • Practice the application of Go Math strategies in grade level groupings



In groups we discussed the rationale behind major and supporting clusters in math, and the importance of building of skills in mathematics.  With parents we made models and discussed practical strategies that students are learning in school and they can also apply at home.  


Check out our families in action!   A big thank you to Ms. Pierce, leader of mathematics for Grade 1 for helping to not only plan, but also facilitate this experience for families.

We look forward to planning more workshops for our families!

Feel free to email: with suggestions for future workshops.


P.S. 361 Q: Breakfast with the Principal: Thinking Maps and Writing

We welcomed our parents for our 3rd Breakfast with the Principal meeting and workshop.  This morning's presentation was on the power of Thinking Maps.  We shared with parents about how Thinking Maps help students to organize their thinking and can prepare students for writing tasks.  

"Thinking Maps are consistent visual patterns linked directly to eight specific thought processes. By visualizing our thinking, we create concrete images of abstract thoughts. These patterns help all students reach higher levels of critical and creative thinking — essential components of 21st Century education. In a school-wide implementation, Thinking Maps establish a consistent Language for Learning."

Ms. Hwang, Principal, and Mr. O'Donnell, 2nd grade teacher presented and modeled how to use two of the most common Thinking Maps, the circle map and tree map.  Parents were guided through how to create their own circle map showcasing who they are as individuals.  

Parents also had the opportunity to hear 3 second grade students share about how they read a complex text and used a Thinking Map (of their choice) to organize their ideas and evidence to prepare to respond to a task.


An extra special shout out to Farbin A., Gabriel F. and Johnny G. for sharing their Thinking Maps and the writing they produced afterwards.  Another special shout out to Ms. C. Kim for her support of students on this task!


Please join us for future Breakfast with the Principal meetings which happen once per month!  All are welcome to attend! 

Congratulations to Our Respect for All Contest Winners!

A big congratulations to our Respect for All Contest Winners!  We won special recognition from Dr. Composto, our superintendent and the District 30 staff for working hard on our submission for the contest.  Kamila R.., Farbin A., Justin A. and Jin L. collaborated on their project.  If you look closely at their artwork, you will see it features our P.S. 361 Q Superheroes!  

Our students are not only learning how to problem solve and to show respect for one another, but they are also ready to share with others on how to do so in a respectful manner!  Another big shout out to Ms. Gonzalez, Art Teacher, and Ms. Nali, classroom teacher for lending a helping hand in supporting students with this project!  

students pictured with their submissions for the respect for all contest!  Check out their amazing 3 d art and writing!

students pictured with their submissions for the respect for all contest!  Check out their amazing 3 d art and writing!

Original art work from P.S. 361 Q students on the importance of having respect for all!

Original art work from P.S. 361 Q students on the importance of having respect for all!

The Season of Thanks! P.S. 361 Q Gives Back with our First Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive!

This week, P.S. 361 Q families were invited to give donations of food to be delivered to the St. Mary's Food Pantry in Woodside.  Students eagerly carried their canned foods and other items into our creatively decorated boxes for donation.  Ms. Frik and Ms. Bezanson gave their time to bring the donated items to the pantry.  Ms. Frik shared, "Millie (Ms. Bezanson) drove us out to St. Mary's food pantry right here in Woodside this morning where we met a sweet lady named Lourdes who recieved all of the donations.  She gave us a run down and a little tour of the food pantry.  It was super organized in there with labels and everything!  WOW!  They service around 250 families in need within the community."  

A big thank you to our P.S. 361 Q PTA for organizing this effort and for the reminder of the importance of giving back to our community!  

Check out all of our food donations for the st. mary's food pantry!!  

Check out all of our food donations for the st. mary's food pantry!!  

Lourdes from the st. mary's food pantry was excited to receive our donations!

Lourdes from the st. mary's food pantry was excited to receive our donations!