#ENOUGH National Walk Out Event "17 Ways to Be a Good Citizen"


We had to get creative with our National Walkout Plans for our youngest students. We encouraged our PK-2 students to brainstorm and present 17 Ways to be a Good Citizen at School and held a rally with a podium and very bullhorn to share their ideas! 

We had classroom discussions about how to be a leader, advocate for others, be a friend and how to stay safe in school. Students work together to create posters, used their writing paper choices and made mini scenes showing their thoughts, and chanted and sang songs.

We also did a WalkUp for Parkland throughout the day for students to walk up to someone new and start a conversation.  Small, tangible, yet powerful steps for our students.  A big thank you to P.S. 150Q for this great idea!

“Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs.’
-Stephen Covey