Our Pre K Academies Showcase 2019

Pre-K Students engaged in a unit of study on plants and students thought about a problem that they face along with their surrounding community.  

This year Pre-K students thought that healthy foods should be more accessible to people in the Woodside Community.  Students collaborated and thought of ways they could make that happen. Using their “Plants” unit as a guide, they began using what they learned about gardening and created their own Community Garden, in which they could sell healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables.  Students learned how to harvest and “sold” their vegetables.

Healthy eating is not a luxury. It is a basic human right and all of us can chip in to make healthy food accessible to all!

Driving Question:

What is the best way to use our environment to harvest our natural resources and create a farmer's market for the P.S 361Q Community?

Focus Questions :

  • What are plants?

  • What do plants need and where do we find them?

  • What are some different kinds of plants?

  • Why are plants important?