Our school’s mission affirms our commitment to recognizing each student’s unique gifts and talents. We encourage all students to pursue their interests and curiosities. Therefore all P.S. 361Q students enjoy opportunities to explore the arts, including visual arts, theater, dance, and music. 

P.S. 361Q Performance Outcomes for the Arts

In all subject areas, including reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, and the arts, P.S. 361Q students work towards our school's three Performance Outcomes: (1) Critical Thinking Skills, (2) Creativity in Problem Solving, and (3) Communication Skills. However, we note that critical thinking, creativity in problem solving, and communication might look, sound, and feel different in different subject areas. For that reason, we also define our school's performance outcomes through an art-specific lens.

Critical Thinking Skills
Evidenced by the ability to interpret and analyze works of art


Creativity in Problem Solving
Evidenced by the ability to create original works of art through the intentional application of emerging artistic skills and concepts

Communication Skills
Evidenced by the ability to present works of art (e.g., in gallery exhibitions or musical performances) and justify artistic decisions orally and in writing



P.S. 361Q students act as performers, composers, and listeners. Through our Pre-K-5 music program, students develop the grade-level musical skills and knowledge indicated in the New York City Benchmarks for Teaching and Learning in Music. Students learn through authentic musical repertoire that reflects the diversity of our school community. Our curriculum recognizes and celebrates students' individual musical interests and prepares children to act act as thoughtful, creative musicians in whatever musical disciplines or genres they ultimately choose to explore.


Cool Culture

P.S. 361Q is proud to partner with Cool Culture, a non-profit organization that helps Pre-K and Kindergarten families access over 90 of New York City's museums, parks, and zoos.